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Lishou Strong Version

Lishou Strong Version

Lishou Strong Version
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Lishou Strong Version

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Using modern technology, Lishou is made of ingredients extracted from special plants known for thousands of years in the kingdom of Yunnan, All ingredients are from natural sources and contain no chemical additives, Lishou has passed GMP food and drug standards and is free from side effects, LiShou Strong Version works more effectively

Main Ingredient: Tuckahoe, Lotus, Bitter Orange fruit.

[Specification] 40*500mg/Bottle for 40 Day Supply, You can continue to take it until your get weight you like

[Usage] 1 pill/day, 1 time/day (Take it before or after breakfast)

[Suitable ages] Between 16 and 65

[Precaution] Not suitable for pregnant women, people who has cardiovascular disease and apoplexia etc

[Storage] Keeping it in a cool, dry place

[Valid Period] 24 months

[Approval code] Yun No.530100-002047,[2006]

[Production standard]Q/KBA06-2008

[Manufacture]Yunnan Bai’an Medical S*T Co., Ltd

by Suzana Zubak
My sister has been using this product for a year with good results so she gave me a bottle. I used that and am on my second bottle now after buying some of my own. Not only has it given me some nice extra energy but it is helping me lose weight. I think its the genetics of our family, being prone to weight gain but Lishou Strong Version has turn the tables for us. We have also been eating better. It is sometimes tough to unlearn bad eating habbits. I have lost over 9 pounds so far and know I could lose even more if I start to get more disciplined. I think the boost in energy has played a role because I am typically much more active when I use this regularly but sometimes I still want to be lazy after a stressful day. We are going to try to get some of the others in a family to use it but that is easier said than done but they cant deny the results with us.

36 I was very hesitant about ordering these. But after the first time taking them I could tell my appetite was not as large. I lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks without exercise but changed the amount I was eating with this product. Cant wait to see results once I start to work out.

by Eduardo Butler
I ordered it from here and i have had a good results as an appetite suppressant. it does what it says and i plan to continue to take it.

by Jose Ioannidou
I really like this product. The Lishou Strong Versio melt the fat in all parts of your body. I have a weight lost of 5 pounds in one month.

by Gretta POLANCO
This are the weight loss helpers that I needed to keep me on track. BYE BYE BELLY FAT.

by Danny Lockwood
Love Lishou Strong Version. Gives me more energy and helps with appetite control. I would definately recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight.

by April Bulger
I have been taking this product for about three months. It was the jump start to my weight loss regime. It works. I normally don't have the energy in the wintertime because of the SADS effect, but this product helped me get off my tush and get it going.

by Alexa Young
I have been making a better effort avoiding fattening foods like potatoes salad and other things with mayonnaise. My doctor also persuaded me to use promise margarine instead of butter. I avoid hydrogenated vegetable oil because I learned that that is a suspected cancer causer. I am very happy with my new progress and weight loss.

by Sheri Sherman
Firstly I am not an allergic person, and also this pill is made from herbs, so i feel no uncomfortable when i using this. but i still hope if you're allergic to ingredients in this product, you should be careful and consult customer service or doctor before you order. It's important.

by Robin Brow
I have definitely noticed a smaller appetites wih the use of this product, good start!

by Martha Zoe
Ive used this for about a month ,i have lost wieght/inches and it did supress my appetite, i really hope my sister use this, she needs it too.