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Li Shou Slimming Capsules

Li Shou Slimming Capsules

Li Shou Slimming Capsules
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Li Shou Slimming Capsules

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Losing extra weight is a loss that everyone is proud of. To lose and keep perfect weight we need to eat less, and eat right. How do you please your stomach and lose weight at the same time? Change your diet, Lishou helps you easily do that without any side effects.

Natural Herbal components contained in Lishou Fuling Capsules, have been used in traditional Chinese medicine practices for many centuries. Chinese formula Lishou Capsules are designed to promote healthy appetite and burn fat fast and effectively.


Tuckahoe, Lotus, Bitter Orange

How does Lishou control your appetite?

Lishou has one of the active ingredients of Tuckahoe which is proven to relieve hunger pains, or become an appetite suppressant, through increasing the levels of Serotonin. Which acts as a signal telling the body it is full? Which results in weight loss, or weight control?

How Lishou speeds up your metabolism:

When our metabolism slows down, the body will store fat rather then burn calories, causing an accumulation of fat. If you don't start acting on the first stage of obesity, with time it becomes even more difficult to restore a normal balance, 'cause your metabolic rate and hormone system have been already changed.

Precise combination of herbal ingredients in scientifically proven formula Lishou Slimming Capsules promotes thermogenesis process i.e. body's production of heat. Thermic effects causes an increase in metabolic rate (reflected by an increase in oxygen consumption) associated with the digestion, absorption, transport, and assimilation of ingested food.

[Specification] 400mgs/grain * 30 grain (one month supply)

[Usage] one Capsule per day, before or after breakfast with boiled water

[Precaution] Children, Pregnant, people with heart disease, kidney function etc. are prohibited to

take this product.

[Manufacture]Yunnan Bai’an Medical S*T Co., Ltd

by Jessica Lamb
This pill definitely helps you stop eating as it fills your stomach with more water. Now I have a positive corner on this product. I should wait and see how this helps going forward.

by Ciera Rivera
I am about half way done with my first box so it is still early but I lost 2 pounds the first week and 4 pounds the second week. I am hoping that this will continue because I need to lose 45 pounds or so according to my doctor. I am newly rejoining the dating scene and have come to realize that I should be taking better care of myself. I am taking this with a friend of mine who started using this product last summer. He swears by it but says it is more of a gradual improvement rather than a quick though harsh result so I am more comfortable with Li Shou then some of the other stuff out there that I ended up throwing away. I plan to buy more.

by Loan Giwrgos
This product is one of the only diet pills that actually works, i had tried many other diet supplements and this was the only one that worked for me. A+

by Jessica Tran
This product works great and is pleasant to take as not like most supplements. I split my first box with my parents and now they are hooked!

by Edit Canela
I have been using this product for 2 months now along with eating sensibly and am currently losing weight at a rate of about a pound a week!

by blanca Albioumy
I purchased two bottles of Li Shou Slimming Capsules, they suppressed my hunger, stopped my sugar cravings, and best of all stopped bloating. I've even lost weight and have more energy.

by Devon Sucharski
I do water aerobics 4 hours a week and it is so nice not having my belly stick out as much as my breasts in a swimsuit. For the first time in many years I feel like I have curves. OMG i will keep using this to get my appetite down .

by Cristobal Morrow
I saw these pills advertised on a forum i always visiting and decided to give it a try. They were shipped right away and they really do work! I saw results after just two weeks. I am verry happy with them!

by Carrie Slone
I tried the Li Shou Slimming Capsulesand noticed that I was losing weight faster than just exercising alone. I was less hungry and I did not notice any side effects.

by Veronica Suttles
Even on an empty stomach I have no nausea or jitters like many diet pills. I tend to have a sensitive stomach with these sort of things. But im fine with this pill, they are really made from herbs.

by Rachel Henrie-Lowe
it was recommend by my daughter,im 45 years old,and over 120 lbs,im was always suffering from fatigue cause overweight,so i took Li Shou for a month,result is great ,i lost 10 lbs , i ll keep using it.

by Ieva Padegimaite
I bought 2box for my little sister.and have got it yesterday.i will be very happy if this is workable for her to be slimming , every slightly effect.

by sabha jabara
thank you

by sabha jabara
hi thank you

by Lori drimoura
Hey, I am Lori from Singpore, I ordered from here 2 weeks ago, er, approximately, the product works well, I weighed 2.4kg less, wonderful, I like it!