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7 Days Herbal Slim Capsule

7 Days Herbal Slim Capsule

7 Days Herbal Slim Capsule
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7 Days Herbal Slim Capsule

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7 Days Herbal Slim is made of extracts from Seville orange flower (daidaihua) and Lucid ganoderm (lingzhi) in Yunnan botanical kingdom and other natural plant essences, with modern hi-tech purification and refining.

Being produced with GMP Standard, 7 Days Herbal Slim is safe and free of side effects, no rebound. According to traditional Chinese medical principles, the product could comprehensively regulate function of human body, control Calories ingested by human body, and it also has the action of decreasing lipids, eliminating dampness, diuresis and invigorating the circulation of blood under the condition of no influencing normal ingestion of nutrition. After having taken it for seven days, it would obviously improve the fat accumulation position such as waist, abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs, and reach the action of decreasing fat, burning fat and expelling toxin, thus to achieve the effect of weight-losing and sliming.

Main Ingredients

Daidaihua, lingzhi, sweet potato fiber, konjak, cassia seed, lotus leaf, koala nut, slight grass, etc.

[Specification] 350mg×6 capsules×5 pcs

[Usage & Dosage] 1time/day, 1capsule/time (before or after breakfast)

[Suitable age] 16-65 age group

[Precaution] Not applicable for children, pregnant women, and people with heart attack, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and nephropathy.

[Target group] Except for the simple obesity, the product is more suitable to the stubborn obesity and people who have tried to lose weight repeatedly but no effect.

[Storage] Store in a cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition..

[Shelf life] 24 months

by Anette Guevara
I have struggled with weight issues for years and finally found a product that worked. 7 Days Herbal helped me lose the weight I wanted and I'm able to keep it off.

by erika Baartz
since taking 7 Days Herbal Slim Capsule i have felt less hungry and i have loss 3 lbs in 30 days. i would recommend this to anyone

by Melanie Munson
I am still taking this 7Days Herbal Slim , I take one in morning and one in afternoon. I still have limited appetite possibly due to these so I make myself eat less but I have noticed in the past week I go through moments of craving sugar badly in the evening so I've been eating an apple when this happens. I work out by lifting weights and doing cardio exercise almost everyday and I walk everyday. It takes time, but i believe doing exercise should be the one thing you need to do if you want to lose weight, and 3 weeks passed, i already lost 8lbs , i have to admit this works slow. But i still like it.

by Lance Maria
I started to use 7 Days Herbal Slim Capsule two months ago. I didn't change my diet or exercise commitment, but I lost inches. I could feel the difference in my clothes. I love this product.

by Courtney Furaitar
I wanted to take all natural and find something that really works and I found 7 Days Herbal Slim Capsule. I am excited to see the end results.

by Cassie Eich
It has has some energy benefits at first, and then suppress appetite. And finally i can see the difference in my weight after taking the pill.

by Suann Eiffel
I love the way it makes me feel. The energy it gives me is addictive, and I've come to really like that boost

by Arlene Mcwhinnie
i am interested in buying another 3boxes after taking it for a period of time. it is effective pill to be slimming.